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Terms & Conditions (hereafter called JMC) is a strong pedestal for matrimonial searches and offers services in locating suitable matrimonial profiles in sync with your personal preferences. It is a virtual community closely knit online for all the stakeholders in the process: aspirants, parents, the company, other related service providers and client relationship managers.

Terms of use

Every aspirant willing to register and use the services of the website is requested to peruse through the terms and conditions that guide the registration. These are legally binding upon all those stakeholders concerned and the purpose is to avoid an uneasy relation between the service provider and registered members in future.


JMC upon contextual considerations and attendant business requirements may assign certain duties, responsibilities and functions to another firm or agency or organization or its sister concern without prior intimation to the registered members irrespective of their category. Stated otherwise in future, the members are always bound by the terms of reference of JMC despite the company having outsourced some of its operational routines. 

Process of registration, consequent set of communications, later day confabulations and routine service relations between the company and the members are guided by these terms and conditions. Ignorance of these details cannot be construed as an excuse in claiming innocence for untoward incidents in future, if any. All members registering on the website are advised to give a serious reading of the following.
Consent for terms is happy to serve you through our uninterrupted services. Of course, access to website services will be provided with a registration. You are requested to enroll as a member and complete your registration formalities. All aspiring members need to fill a form and submit the same online. After due verification by the JMC, you are allotted a unique identification number which will facilitate our future communications and relations in a hassle-free manner avoiding all possible hindrances and assumed hitches. Completion of registration form and allotment of unique ID mean by default that all the registered members have given consent to all the terms and conditions mentioned therein. Every individual member is called upon to peruse through the terms, conditions and risk factors and follow the same as enshrined in the constitution of the JMC.
Terms, Conditions and Future Implications
It is also understood that all the registered members have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations of the JMC at the time of inception of the company with a mandatory rider that all future changes or modifications or additions or deletions or recast annexures to JMC basic registered document are agreed upon as and when they are affected or come into force. These changes in the document may be necessitated due to changing legal provisions, nature of online content posted by members, change in methods of verification process, need for reorienting strategies in respect of client relations, any uneasy calm resulting from matrimonial relations either between the JMC and individual members or among the aspiring parties (groom and bride, and vice-versa), detection of anomalies in basic data provided by members, unearthing of deviatory usage of data by members for purposes other than matrimonial, complaints of harassment and abuse from individual members, any anomalies found in gender sensitiveness of the individual members, efforts at morphing of photographs, usage of website data of members for corrupt, anti-social, anti-national and, any such fissiparous activity, detection of any online behavioral misdemeanors of registered members or their nominees/representatives that instantaneously call for application of cyber protection laws, hiding of age details by applicants or their representatives in respect of the individuals-in-waiting for marriage with a legal tag that if the age of aspirant falls under the category of child (female or male or transgender) the members responsible for such postings will have to be submitted to the severity and rigors of all the existing child protection laws of the land, any online registrations calling for proposals that are seen by mainstream society as deviations from normal, traditional, inherited and custom-sanctified marital patterns (like, for example, calling for proposals in respect of same sex marriages), hiding of details on marital status or any legal implications towards the profiled person’s social status,  posting of pornographic or sexually inciting content by members in their profiles,  providing links to other commercial or objectionable URLs in the profiles posted by members etc. In view of this we call for attention of all registered members or aspirants or online users or amateur browsers or visitors to offline centers of JMC to look for any changes from time to time in the terms, conditions, rules, regulations and legal implications of online/offline business of JMC. We encourage all prospective, designated or casual users to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed.

As JMC is a matrimonial site aiming at helping members find a suitable partner, all the prospective members according to Indian law must be of or above the marriageable age i.e. 18 for females and 21 for males. JMC services are to facilitate lawful marriages. Any member registering himself or herself or through a third party on their behalf, they are conscious about such act and accept that they are eligible, have right, full authority and understand terms and conditions to register subject to Indian law. JMC, at any time is authorized to cancel the registration and/or delete the profile upon finding that the details of individuals posted online cannot be verified or if those aspirants fail to prove eligibility. No misinterpretation of eligibility will be considered. JMC membership service becomes void and remains automatically cancelled in case Indian Law of marriageable age is violated.

JMC is not an instrument of fixing or settling matrimonial matches between two willing parties. JMC is a platform characterized by impartial profundities or neutral stances. It neither acts as a tool of final fixation of marriages nor takes responsibility of a negotiator in matrimonial proposals. Final result or fixation of marriage of a registered member on the website or offline center of the company is the sole responsibility of individual parties. Positive outcome or satisfactory settlement of matrimonial proposal is not the responsibility of the JMC.

JMC normally does not involve in setting partner preferences. If an individual member fails to set these preferences, the JMC might use the personal data posted by individual members and set broad contours of partner preference so as to help the members in searching for profiles. This arrangement which otherwise solely rests with registered members is only a stop-gap indulgence of the company. Such an interim arrangement is deemed necessary by the company in order to avoid later day claims and complaints from individuals (registered members or nominees or representatives or any third party identified by the profiled member) who grudge inadequacy in the number of expressions of interest in their profiles. This arrangement is also viewed by the company as a moral initiative on part of its crew to help members when they fail to set the partner preferences due to a plethora of reasons. The company's measure contemplated above is not a mandatory initiative in every case and calls for payment of extra charge from the respective member. JMC holds all discretion at its command in considering these routines when members do not comply with the suggested guidelines of registration like for example, partner preferences and related parameters.

Registration is strictly confined to Indians or overseas citizens of India or non-resident Indians or persons of Indian origin and heritage or children born to persons of Indian descent.

Personal Data: Usages and Implications
JMC makes use of your personal data as per the following specifications:

To provide data requested by or consented by the member

To conduct or carry out all related functions emanating from agreement and obligations with the members and other third parties.

The company will not use personal information for any purpose other than for which it was collected by the website. However, the company may divulge the personal data when such sharing of personal details is required by the law of the land. It means that the JMC will provide personal information to third parties, government authorities and agencies if it is required to comply with applicable laws, regulations, legal process or enforceable governmental request; protect JMC legal rights; comply with any court order or legal proceeding; detect, prevent or address any criminal activity or errors, security or technical issues and protect against imminent harm to the rights, property or safety of JMC, or the public as permitted by law. Under any circumstances the company will not sell or otherwise share any personal information with third parties for marketing purposes and for commercial services unless the members have given specific permission or direction.
JMC under all circumstances concerns itself with the data posted on its website or provided at offline centers of the company. Its liability or limitation is confined to mere verification of factual details of the data supplied by aspirants or their representatives. JMC never forces any individual aspirant to seek matrimonial proposals through its website or offline centers, if any. It is otherwise understood that the JMC is not responsible for data posted with the company in quest of matrimonial proposals either by individual aspirants or their nominees or representatives. No claim is entertained by the Company in the post-registration period from any member whose profile (either with photo or without photo) is posted on the website or is handed over at offline center, if any when the latter raises an objection that the datum is posted without her/his knowledge or otherwise. The company, at best and when fully satisfied upon its own discretion, may provide details in respect of e-mail ID, date and time of posting the data to the contestant/aggrieved party. The rest is the legal course of action involving the individual contestant who lodges the complaint with JMC and the person who posted such data on website. The company, under no circumstances, shoulders or accepts any legal responsibility in such cases.

Termination, Transfer and Refund
Members are free to register, renew or cancel their membership. If they wish to discontinue with JMC for any reasons they are allowed to delete their profiles and unsubscribe from JMC e-mail service or calls. But membership or renewal fees once paid and activated for the aforementioned matrimonial service shall not be refunded. If activation of paid membership/premium membership/up gradation of the account of a registered member does not take place within five working days (excluding public holidays), the JMC is bound to refund the amount to the particular member. On the other hand, if JMC finds any misrepresentation of data at the time of registration or posting of wrong information on website to mislead other members, JMC reserves all rights to delete the questionable profiles and cancel membership registrations. For all valid members the JMC might consider offering discounts on renewals. Activated and paid-membership account is not transferable under any circumstances.

Control over Matrimonial Searches

JMC has no control over the number of expressions of interest expressed in individual profiles of registered members by others. The company just aims at facilitating the members in finding preferred matches by making use of available details on the website. JMC does not guarantee any conclusive fixation in match-making routines of registered members. The company neither influences individual decisions nor extends any suggestions to the members during the process of bride or bridegroom selection. The company would conduct verification drive at their end to certain extent only. In case of any wrong information publicized by any member, the company, at best, would take recourse to such actions like termination of wrongdoer's registration or membership of conscious trouble-makers. On the other, the company certainly extends its services to members in all casual and non-controversial client relations. JMC offers specialized services for the members in premium categories and helps them with personalized service in matrimonial searches in terms of continuous monitoring of the case through e-mail or phone.

By registering your profile on the website you have invariably agreed that JMC may delete any content, messages, photos or profiles (collectively, "Content") which the company considers as violations of this agreement or which might be offensive, illegal, or might dishonor the rights and harm, or threaten the safety of either JMC and/or its members.

All registered members understand by signing registration form that the invoices or vouchers or any other fiscal instrument (receipt or signed hard copy of acknowledgement for payment or electronic acknowledgement for registration) issued in their favor include your consent for all the terms and conditions of the JMC or changes to the same (online and offline) during the active membership fee of the respective registrations. Terms and conditions of the company are equally applicable for both online and offline registrations and, these clause(s) are non-negotiable under any circumstances.

Change of Options
The JMC may in course of time decide to affect changes in the features and options offered by the website which may be necessitated or otherwise deemed unavoidable subject to assessment of periodic business compulsions in due consultation with extant legal procedures or advice. This is binding on all kinds of membership plans offered by the company. Change in features as aforementioned is subject to changing needs or legal compulsions, if any. Under such events, all the existing registered members as on the date of change in website features shall abide by the modification(s). If dissatisfied, members are free to withdraw from their respective membership plans and understand that there shall be no refund of fee when their offline/online activation(s) have already completed duration of 24 hours. Under no circumstances change of option from higher plan to lower plan is allowed and refund of the difference amount between the two selected plans shall be possible. No claims will be entertained by JMC. If any member wants to change status of membership plan (from lower plan to higher plan), she or he has to pay the amount specified for the respective plan.

Member Liabilities
Members are solely responsible for the content that they publish or display (hereinafter, "post") on the JMC site or transmit to other JMC members. JMC reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the content posted on the site subject to any legal compulsions. In exercising this right, JMC may ask you to provide any documentary or other form of evidence supporting the content you posted on the site. If you fail to produce such evidence, the company may, in its sole discretion, terminate your membership without a refund.
As a registered member you understand and hereby agree that all information, data, text, photographs, graphics, messages, tags or other content whether publicly posted or privately transmitted or otherwise made available to JMC or JMC members, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated and shall be at the members/persons sole risk. This means that you are solely responsible for all content that you upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available via the service facility. JMC does not control the content posted via the web service and, as such, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such content. Under no circumstances will JMC be liable in any way for any content, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted, emailed, transmitted through online chat of the JMC website and search engine.

By posting content on JMC website you warrant that you have the right to grant JMC and other JMC members an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully-paid, license to use, copy, perform, display, and distribute such information and content and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such information and content, and to grant and authorize sub licenses of the foregoing.

Copyright Policy
No one can post, distribute, or reproduce in any way the copyrighted material, trademarks, photos, images or other information pertaining to the website without obtaining the prior written permission of the lawful owner(s) of the company. Otherwise JMC will invoke all the existing legal remedies and repose its full faith in the provisions guiding such violations according to the law of the land.

Member Disputes
JMC or its team members are not at all responsible for your interactions with other online or offline members. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other members. JMC expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any transactions or interactions between the members.


JMC is not responsible for any incorrect content posted on the website whether caused by users, registered members or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized neither in the service, nor for the conduct of any user and/or member of the service whether online or offline. JMC takes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communication failures, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to or alteration of, user and/or member communications or any communications by JMC to its members. The company under no circumstances will be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone’s use of the site or the service and/or any content posted on the site or transmitted by the members. The exchange of matrimonial profile(s) by JMC is not a matrimonial offer and we are not responsible for any loss or damage to any individual arising out of, or subsequent to, any relations (including but not limited to matrimonial relations) established pursuant to the use of the site.

JMC expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility whatsoever and howsoever arising out as a result of any content posted on the site / made available to site by any member or the users of the site or any third party. We do not take any responsibility or liability for any illegal content posted on the site by any member, user or any third party. All liability, whether civil or criminal arising out of any content that is posted on the site will be that of member / user / third party who has posted such content and JMC reserves its right to claim damages from such member/ user / third party that it may suffer as a result of such content posted on the site. We do not claim ownership of content you submit or make available for inclusion on the website.

JMC uses its web space for other business promotional activities such as online advertisements and postings of various other companies or firms. JMC is not responsible for the content, price tags, quality and assurances given by the respective firms or business houses in the respective advertisements. The members/users/viewers are advised to verify the genuineness of any single product or all the displayed products before making any online commitments or using credit/debit cards. JMC holds no legal and fiscal liability or moral responsibility for any such transaction taking place involving online users. JMC requests all those users to visit the website of the advertising agency or house or firm before making any online transaction or commitment.

Disputes, if any arising out of any transactions (India or overseas) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Bengaluru (India) metropolis where the is located with its headquarters.

By clicking the yes button at the bottom of the registration page you confirm that you have read and understood every detail in the article of terms, rules, regulations, conditions and thereby agreed to abide by them. And the terms and conditions of, as stated earlier will be updated from time to time in future without any prior notice to any registered members. If you have any questions or doubts or seek clarifications related to the topic please e-mail us at We will be happy to assist you and serve you better