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Privacy Policy

Patterns of data consumption

JMC calls for personal data from all registered members for smooth matrimonial transactions in a secured manner. The data collected from all eligible members are bifurcated for convenience. Some basic and fundamental details required for easy screening of profiles such as name (only a part of full name), date of birth, place of residence, photograph, gender, height, complexion etc. are meant for public consumption. Whoever visits the website, these details are readily presented. Other personal details such as mobile number, e-mail ID, other unique identification number (profile ID) etc. are available only for paid members. In addition, registered members can opt for any specific instructions and the JMC will publish only those details on its website.


Important information such as IP address and browser details of the website users will be collected and stored by JMC and the company does not display this information. The data collected for the current purpose cannot be identified easily by members or others. The JMC is bound to share this information when the existing Indian legal procedures call for the same.     


Password Controls

Members are responsible for security of password and other details mentioned in the profile. JMC is not responsible for leakage of any password, original e-mail ID and your personal phone numbers or the contact numbers of your close associates.


Data Screening

JMC can screen your profile and communications/messages any time surfing the company’s website. If JMC comes across any unwarranted/obscene communications, the company would cancel/delete all such communications without advance notice to the member. Members are requested to exercise restraint while using the website. 


Data Usage: Offshoots     

The data collected by JMC would be optimally put to use by the company wherever found necessary. It includes sharing of data with other sister concerns only to the extent of matrimonial purposes. While doing so, JMC exercises an absolute restraint in barring the sharing of important personal information of its members. The JMC or other sister concerns or affiliated firms, for example, may use data for social analysis or rapid surveys of matrimonial trends. Listing of those members whose membership plan expired may still be kept live on the website of JMC for routine conveniences of the company and its business operations.    


Chat Live/Online Messaging Option

Chat online facility with other profiled members is offered by the website. Conversational details are stored for internal data management needs. Individual members also may preserve data of online chats for their personal purpose.


In addition, live chat facility with customer care team of the company is available. For other details, please visit the website.   


All the members are also offered online messaging facility. The messages shared or exchanged can be read and stored by others. Members are advised to refrain from providing personal information using this platform of the JMC. For, the company cannot be held responsible at a later date for any unpleasant happening between any two members. Another assumed risk is the possibility of unwanted transmission of messages through this medium. Exercising optimal amount of caution is needed and members should be aware of this. Related and attendant problems of the facility do not hold any responsibility for the JMC. The facility is a prerogative for the members that call for precautions while executing the option. Any implications, positive or negative or legal are not the responsibility of the JMC.


URL Links

The JMC contains links with other websites or URLs. While the users are not discouraged to visit these links, the JMC reminds all those users about the implications of ToR (Terms of Reference) or regulations of other links or sites that the users visit. Members or users who upload their data on JMC website are bound by terms, conditions and privacy policy of the company. But the company is not responsible for the privacy policies of other links or URLs that the JMC website users visit. All the visitors or members or users are advised to make themselves aware of policies of other links or URLs before making any online commitments. Under no circumstances JMC is responsible for policies of other links or URLs that the members or users of its website visit. Much caution and care are in place in not disclosing personal information of JMC’s members to other website links or URLs.  



Users’ personal computers/desktop machines store all cookie files of users (where cookie file is a mini text document which is automatically stored by individual user’s system while the users login into site and start browsing the internet or specific websites). Browsers have, on the other, an option to disable the cookie files. But, individual users are advised against disabling cookies which may affect certain features of the website. Cookie files help users in functions like personal preferences, login information, and speedy access to website etc. Other business promoters on the JMC website or advertising firms may use the cookie information on JMC website. All those concerned are informed that the Company (JMC) has no control over these cookie files.     


Creation of Profiles

No member is allowed to create multiple profiles of the same person. JMC has full authority to delete and deactivate all such multiple profiles without any prior notice and no refund of membership/ subscription fees is admissible.


Quantum of Profiles

JMC also reserves all rights to restrict number of communications/profile contacts and responses/emails which a registered member can send to another member in a 24-hour time slot. The company may revise this clause subject to future contingencies.


Security of personal info and online transactions

JMC has in place all possible standardised security measures that ensure proper safety of personal data, online fiscal transactions and photos.


All online fiscal transactions are protected by the SSL encryption, considered the best in the industry. Online credit/debit card transactions are encrypted using this technology.


JMC executes in-house security measures in protecting personal data of members. Access to personal information is allowed to only those company employees who deal with sensitive data. As a precautionary measure all the JMC staff members working on data and data management are mandated to sign an undertaking form on maintaining secrecy of office information.


For JMC, every photo of the profiled member is highly sensitive. To avoid misuse of the photographs posted on the site, the company has two major security measures in place:


·         Every photo gets a water marking displaying the JMC title

·         Photos are password protected (option given to featured/premium members only)


Strict Personal Use

JMC is a site meant only for personal use and not commercial use. No member is authorized to link the site URL to any other website or organization or company for any purpose. If JMC finds out any deviation from the stated purpose of the website, the company is fully authorized to cancel the membership of any member found violating the accepted norms. The company will also contemplate initiating legal measures including a defamation suit against the erring individual.


Data Controls

JMC holds complete right over members’ profiles and actions or activities performed on the website. JMC also holds right to delete the profile if the details found are inappropriate or violating the terms of reference.


Data Uploading (personal and public information)

All users of the JMC website can alter the details of data that they submit. While doing so, they can opt for two login methods:


First:               login, Go to My Profile, Update Profile

(viewed by all; Advised to exercise caution while updating personal data)


Second:           login, Go to My Home, Update Profile (purely personal)      


Communication Routines

Once you register yourself with JMC, you have agreed to get calls, messages, emails, SMS, couriers etc. from the date of registration or activation of free/paid membership whichever is earlier. By registering your name on our website you have given your consent to receive promotional mails, calls and SMS messages from JMC and its sister concerns in spite of your mobile/phone number is registered with DND (Do Not Disturb) registry. This consent extends to all enquiries from JMC and its sister companies.


You are not allowed to send junk mail or spam to any registered member or the JMC. It is not possible for the JMC to monitor flow of communications between members outside JMC website (personal email id, phone etc.) When JMC receives complaints from any member in this regard, the company holds full authority to cancel or terminate registration of member responsible for such violation.


Every member can view contact details of others proportionate to the status of their membership plan.



Advantageous Communications

At JMC we strive to achieve an ideal state of communication flows without any hitch. Our electronic communication system provides various member-friendly services and some of them are the following:


·         Newsletter from the company detailing on latest developments

·         Partner matches’ details to members subject to the preferences opted them

·         CCS facility (Call Contact System- members receive contact calls from the JMC)

·         Mail Alert for every expression of interest in your profile  


The foregoing services are offered at no extra cost to all the members (eligible and valid). Every member gets an automatic communication flow from the company with data on developments, membership plans and offers, additional matrimonial services offered by the company, franchise relations, business deals and offers etc.   


Programming Protocols

Members are strictly prohibited to use or take recourse to any programming scripts to read website content or try to decode source keys. All violations will be strictly dealt with under the provisions of existing cyber laws.   


Changes to privacy policy

Contents of privacy policy may undergo changes as per the requirements of the Indian law over a period of time. Legal compulsions are binding on all the stakeholders equally. Acting under legal procedures JMC automatically affects changes in privacy policy and any notification in this regard is not mandatory for the company. If the JMC makes alterations in any of the provisions of the existing rules (other than those that are legally binding), the company will post notification on its website to this effect. All visitors and users of the home page/news column of the website get to know information regarding these changes, if any.


Frank Feedback

Feedback from the users of the website is always welcome and the company requests all the members and visitors to make it a pleasant duty to share their opinions, suggestions and comments that will strengthen the extant operating systems of the company. This will enable us to refine our service delivery mechanisms and improvise our routine work patterns.



By clicking the yes button at the bottom of the registration page you confirm that you have read and understood every detail in the article of terms, rules, regulations, conditions, privacy policy and thereby agreed to abide by them. And the privacy policy of including terms and conditions, as stated earlier will be updated from time to time in future without any prior notice to any registered members. If you have any questions or doubts or seek clarifications related to the topic please e-mail us at We will be happy to assist you and serve you better.